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Viral Videos

Hi All,

After reading some rather entertaining blogs this afternoon I've come across videos that have gone viral, normally containing a unique idea to create entertainment. Most of these were secretly uploaded by companies, and have come out later as actual advertising. However, some are hilarious like this video for Levi's-wearing a camera on the back of your jeans! (especially if you're an attractive girl!)

For those American sports fans, the viral video (Baseball) of the fast speed catch displayed here by Tampa bay's Ray Longoria is actually advertising as the interview isn't real (there's no stamp on the microphone) and the user who uploaded the video has only been linked to uploading Gilette inspired advertising.

Advertisers and marketers must believe that the public worldwide are more likely to watch videos without the condescending stereotypical 'buy our product now' or on-going sponsorship by companies. Companies will probably use long-term plans that hint towards these viral videos or admit to these brillaint videos on a later date-there's no good ruining a surprise!

On another subject, you shouldn't overlook the power of technology. Joshau Kaufman installed the 'hidden app' before his macbook was thieved. Days later he had photos and the google ID of his thief and created a blog on 'Tumblr' (a famously free blogging site) about his missing Macbook titled 'This Guy Has my Macbook' He even knew the location of the Macbook. Brilliant. The police arrested the man on the 31st May.

Speaking of techonology, here's a great viral video of a man being attacked by butterflys, that's meant to be a real-life camcorder film. It was made for April Fool's day. it shows off a company's great mirasol technology that was later unearthed to be made by Qualcomm.

Blogs are powerful! Happy reading mine :)

Happy Traveling

Travel Bubble